Mars Attacks, Encounters of the third kind...

Wild, authentic rockabilly is what you'll get from the Swiss/Austrian formation called Mars Attacks. In February 1998, these musicians, who had been active in different rock 'n' roll and rockabilly bands for years, came together. Mars launched its attack and quickly hit all over Switzerland - from Chur to the Beckenrieder Swiss Rockabilly Meeting - as well as in Austria and Germany. Extended tours brought the rockabilly invasion to Vienna and even to Hemsby in England - for the largest rock 'n' roll weekend on earth.

Their long-awaited debut album "Run For Your Life!" (available on CD and 10" LP + 7 EP for vinyl fans) was released in July 1999 on Armadillo Records. In order to achieve a sound that suited their style, the 14 songs - half of them written by the band - were recorded on vintage equipment in a specialised Studio in Montreux. This means that the songs were recorded live in the studio using original microphones from the 50s and a 2-track machine. Just four months after its debut, the album had to be re-released in able to keep up with the high demand. Sales, record reviews, and requests from record labels came in from all over the world thanks to international marketing.

But most of all, Mars Attacks is an energetic live band featuring a classic line-up that is sure to please: Roland Piedberger (lead vocals, acoustic guitar) and Mops Lüscher (drums, vocals) from Switzerland, and the Austrians Oliver Pfanner (double bass, vocals) and Martin Telfser
(lead guitar). The hot stage show and varied program - made up of self-composed songs and a well chosen selection of rockabilly hits - transform each live performance to a special encounter - or should we say a special encounter of the third kind...

Contact information:

Maison Jean 44
1801 Le Mont-Pèlerin

Aubrigstrasse 3
CH-8810 Horgen

Courtesy of JCR Records and Mars Attacks, 2001