Mischief! Beep-Beep, Wake Up Europe!

Mischief! is a Dutch rockabilly trio who started out in 1993. They play a mix of various musical styles from the fifties (rock 'n' roll, rock-a-billy, country) with tremendous enthusiasm. To make things a little easier, they call it "rock'n'roll-a-billy". Amongst their all-time favourites are the names of great originators like Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Bob Luman, Larry Williams, Don & Dewey and George Jones.

Until this day they have played many gigs in Holland, Belgium, France and Germany, varying from clubs and pubs to dancehalls, universities and (open air) music festivals. They have toured Scandinavia (12 gigs in less than 15 days time) and they attended the biggest (50's) rock 'n' roll event in Europe, The Hemsby Rock'n'Roll Weekender (England, May 2000).

The band also became widely known through several performances for Dutch national television (VARA, RTL5, SBS6) and they even won a talent-contest on Dutch national radio (AVRO) out of 25 competitors. The grand finale was broadcasted live and the winning band (Mischief!) gave a mini concert of 45 minutes on air.

In his book "Elvis in Holland", about the influences Elvis had (and still has) on music in Holland, Rob Scheers wrote; "The band Mischief from Utrecht is one of the most important ambassadors of this style of music", while he was talking about the king in his early days. The band was also a part of the line-up of the legendary "Big Bill Turner Show" (Paradiso Amsterdam, March 2000) in memory of the big American shows of the fifties, like Alan Freed's, Johnny Otis' and Dick Clark's. A show with a 15 piece big band! Mischief were a surprice-act and they did something completely different than you should expect. They were really rocking up a storm with their exquisite version of the Playmates' "Beep-Beep".

The Mischief Line-up:
Pat - Double Bass, Vocals
Daze - Guitar, Vocals
Richard - Drums, Vocals

Info & bookings:
Schoenerstraat 87
3534RL Utrecht
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)30 2444431
Fax: +31 (0)30 2660785

E-mail: info@mischief.nl
Web: http://www.mischief.nl

Information provided by Mischief, 2002