The Reno Brothers, Born To Party!

The Reno Brothers are a dynamic foursome from Utrecht, The Netherlands, who will only play one kind of music: Rockabilly! What else is there! In just a few years the band has build a wide international reputation, and is constantly touring The Netherlands, Switzerland, France and England. But watch out, the rest of the world will not be safe from the enthusiastic stageshows of the Reno Brothers. Further more, the likeness of singer Ramon, both in appearance and voice, with the young Elvis Presley is astonishing!

All members have had a lot of musical experience prior to The Reno Brothers, in bands like The Red Shots, Chessnuts, Jimmy & The Bamboozies, Jess, Jill & the Sinners, Back Street Affair, Barnstompers, Get Rhythm and many more. Their music is a mix of well known and lesser known covers of fifties and sixties rockabilly, but lately we can hear more and more selfpenned songs blasting out of the speakers. These four rockabillies bring on a show you are not likely to forget, and they have only one motto: party! Don't miss their debut CD single "Born To Party!" and their superb live performance (issued on CD and Video) "Live At The Cruise Inn" (with Mischief).

Ramon (Reno Bros) & Tiny (King Size Trio) at Rockabilly Highlands, 2002

The Reno Brothers are:
Ramon - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Rogier - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Eddie - Double Bass
Jan - Drums & Screams

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Tel: +31 (0)30 6871012
Mobile: +31 (0)6 22714221

All photographs by The BlackCat 2001-2002