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Los Straitjackets


The instrumental trio named "The Straitjackets" was first formed in 1988 by Eddie Angel (guitar), Jimmy Lester (drums) and Danny Amis (guitar). The band plays local Nashville gigs throughout the summer, and don't play together again until six years later. (Eddie Angel also played with "The Planet Rockers)

In 1994 the band get back together for kicks and add Scott Esbeck (bass). Los Straitjackets is formed. The band is happy with the sound and decide to record a demo tape at Alex the Great Studio in Nashville with Ben Vaughn producing and Brad Jones engineering. The tape will later become the band's first CD, "The Utterly Fantastic and Totally Unbelievable Sound of Los Straitjackets". Later that month, the band plays it's first gig at Lucy's Record Shop in Nashville. In november of the same year they sign with Upstart Records.

In January of the following year "Los Straitjackets" are nominated for Best Unsigned Band(!) in the 1st annual Nashville Music Awards (NAMMIES) held at the historic Ryman Auditorium. Jimmy Lester is also nominated as Best Drummer. They didn't win either one, but they did release a 45-rpm single, Gatecrasher b/w Lonely Apache, on Sympathy for the Record Industry.

In March 1995 the band's first CD, The Utterly Fantastic and Totally Unbelievable sound of Los Straitjackets is released on Upstart Records and the band plays their first out-of-town show at the South by Southwest Music Conference in Austin, TX, followed by their first major tour of the U.S. with a swing through the west coast. In december they appear on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on NBC Television.

The band records their second CD, Viva Los Straitjackets, in Los Angeles, with Ben Vaughn as Producer and Mark Linnett as engineer, in January 1996 and again they are nominated for three awards at the 2nd annual NAMMIE awards, Best Group, Best Rock Album, and Best Album Cover. They didn't win any of them... Later on that year two 45-rpm singles are released on Spinout Records. During October/November 1997 the band is tours with the legendary Link Wray. A new friendship is formed.

Early 1998 "Los Straitjackets" wrap up a very successful tour of Spain. Also the band records a track for the Halloween Hootenany compilation CD to be released on Zombie A Go-Go records and they tour the Netherlands and Russia. In september that year they get started recording a long awaited 3rd CD, with Ben Vaughn in the Producer's chair once again! In October Scott Esbeck announces his retirement from the band. The recording is finished with Pete Curry of The Halibuts on Bass. The new CD will be released in 1999.

Pacifica b/w Kawanga - Spinout 45rpm
Marshmallow World b/w Sleighride - Spinout 45rpm
La Plaga b/w Que Mala (with Big Sandy) - Spinout 45rpm
The Munster's Theme  - Zombie A Go-Go Records
The utterly fantastic and totally unbelievable sound of - Upstart CD
Viva! Los Straitjackets - Upstart CD
The Velvet Touch of Los Straitjackets - Yep Roc, 1999
Damas Y Caballeros! (Live) - Yep Roc, 2001
Song Along With Los Straitjackets - Cavalcade, 2001
It's the Season for Los Straitjackets - Yep Roc, 2002
Supersonic Guitars in 3-D - Yep Roc, 2003
Rock'n'Roll City /w Eddy Clearwater - Bullseye Blues, 2003
Encyclopedia of Sound Volume 1 & 2 (Internet Download)
Live on Spanish TV - CD, WildCat, 2003
Los Vivos Y Los Raros - CD, Animal, 2003
Play Favorites - CD, Yep Roc, 2005
Los Straitjackets & Pontani Sisters - Twist Party  (CD, Yep Roc, 2006)

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Eddy Clearwater /w Mac Bouvrie, Great Yarmouth 2003

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