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Songwriting credits, if available, are noted below all song titles. Most of the songs on this website have been transcribed. Transcribing a song means that someone listens carefully to the song and writes down what he/she hears, which sometimes may not be correct. I transcribed a lot of the lyrics on this site, but many people have either submitted lyrics or corrected errors in the transcriptions. All our lyrics are sorted alphabetically by title, if you don't know the title, use the SEARCH option. Keep in mind that all Eddie Cochran lyrics are in a different section. The 25 latest additions are listed below.


These are the 25 most recently added lyrics:

Note: I get dozens of messages every day from people asking me for all sorts of lyrics. Please only write to me about rock 'n' roll and rockabilly, I do not have any modern songs, I collect and write down only authentic songs from the 50s and original revival rockabilly.

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