(Julian Wiethoff)

Seeing all those people 'round me
They keep on telling and whispering 'bout me
Keep on saying that I must be crazy
Saving my love for you only

But let them talk whatever they want to
They can't know what I'm feeling for you
I'll keep on waiting 'till the day I hold you
Then they will see dreams can come true

When I'll be with you
When I'll be with you
They would see dreamlovers can come true
In a fantasy world, made just for two
When I'll be with you

Wait for tonight, wait for the moonshine
When I'm asleep I know I'll find
My dreamlover who wants to be mine
Then everything's gonna' be just fine

I know the others would understand me
If they could join my dreams to see
The one I found - dreamlover's beauty
The one I found with fantasy

Courtesy of Julian Wiethoff