(Vesa Haaja)

Hi-flyin' baby, she's always on a go
Hi-flyin' mama, she's gotta lot to show
Hi-flyin' baby, she sure knows how to shine
Hi-flyin' mama, why can't she be mine

She knows just how to shake that thing,
Drives everybody wild
Demon with an angel face,
Pretty restless child

Hi-flyin' baby, she's talk of this ol' town
Hi-flyin' mama, don't try to tame her down

Hi-flyin' papa, you oughta hear him howl
Hi-flyin' daddy, he's always on a prowl
Hi-flyin' papa, in big black limousine
Hi-flyin' daddy, cruising with his queen

He goes out almost every night
And paints the whole town red
He lays his eyes to a prettiest girl
And always moves ahead

Hi-flyin' papa, cooler than the ice
Hi-flyin' daddy, devil in disguise

Hi-flyin' baby, trying to reach her dream
Hi-flyin' papa, hanging on sunbeam
Hi-flyin' mama, still dancing all alone
Hi-flyin' daddy, his sneaking will go on

Courtesy of Vesa Haaja