(D. Higham)
DARREL HIGHAM (Nervous, 1995)

Well I like too much money, I like too much wine
I like spending all my money, all the time
I ain't gonna change, cos I like me just fine

Some people say that I'm selfish
And most people think I'm unkind
I listen to what they're sayin'
Don't think 'bout payin' no attention
Cos I like me just fine
I ain't gonna change, well I hope you don't mind
Listen let me put you wise, don't listen to all them lies
I'll try to put you right, if you'll stay with me tonight

I like takin' the long road, don't care much to cut across
So don't criticise, look into my eyes
Me honey, I'm the boss
Well I ain't gonna change, I like me just fine

Nothing on earth will change me
What I am is what you get
Take care with you say, each and every day
Cos honey I never forget
I ain't gonna change, cos I like me just fine.

So listen if you want me around
Come close honey don't make a sound
And we will put it right
After all's said and done tonight