(Robert Belyeu)
JOHNNY 'T' TALLEY (Mercury 70902, 1956)

Well, I hear that choo-choo coming
Coming down the railroad track
Its firebox is a-smoking
Its engine big and black
It's a heading for the station
When it stops at the station door
I'm gonna board that old black choo-choo
And I won't be back no more

It pulls a lot of coaches
That train is mighty long
Some are filled with gailty
Of laughter and song
But the coach in which I'm riding
Is mighty dark and cold
It will hide me when I'm crying
As the wheels begin to roll

Outside the rain is falling
Like great big lonely tears
And the lightning that is flashing
Adds to all my fears
I heard the porter holler
Check your baggage please
But all that I've got with me
Are my memories...