(Vesa Haaja)

Came in last night at quarter to three,
Spent a whole day in a drinking spree,
My wive stood on the door and stared at me
She laid a cold look, angry as can be
"where's all the dough and where have you been?
It's way past midnight and your face is green"
I took careful steps, and here's all I could say:
"don't talk me honey, I'm too tired today"

Woke up this morning at half past six
I thought myself now's the time for diplomatics
I went downstairs, in the kitchen I came
But gone was a peaceful loving flame
The coffee was cold and grey instead
All I could find was some day old bread
I changed my plans, when she needed explain:
"don't ask me honey, I'm too tired today"

I came home today when the working was done
I thought it would be time tonight to have some fun
I made a great supper and I swithced off the light
And grabbed my honey and squeezed her tight
I said "hey, baby, how about a little kiss,
Let me be your doctor and make diagnosis"
She turned at me and I heard her say:
"don't try that crap, I'm too tired today,
I'm too tired today".

Courtesy of Vesa Haaja